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Our load-bearing structures offer a faster return on investment, are non-combustible, and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other construction material.

As opposed to replicating the industry norm, we have developed a unique section rage for the Canadian market that offers the most robust solution and allows you to minimize your wall zone’s depth and still achieve or exceed the project-specific requirements.

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Infill Walling

The most widely utilized application for CFS is infill walling. Our fully designed and complex system is constructed from the floor to the soffit of the primary frame to ‘infill’ the external wall, providing a support system for various external façade / cladding types. As well as 50mm stud flanges allowing additional strength, the infill system comes with a slotted head track accommodating 25mm movement in the primary frame.

Stick Build

CFS studs are designed as complete load-bearing walls. Your external and internal party walls become loadbearing, allowing you to span floor joists. This is a highly flexible system making it ideally suited to penthouses or inset structures where it is essential to keep the loads to a minimum. They also benefit from a reduced crane and transport cost when compared to pre-panelized solutions.

Continuous Walling

Continuous walling is where the SFS is designed to oversail the edge of the primary structure. This method is often used when a design team wants to maximize the amount of internal floor area. CFS has designed bespoke slotted cleats allowing 25mm of deflection.

CFS Offsite Pre-Panelized system (ComFrame®)

ComFrame is a pre-panelized system providing the complete load-bearing structure for low to medium-rise buildings.

The system utilizes studs in the same way as stick-build SFS, except they are bolted together off-site to form story-high wall panels. Higher gauge studs and the Tekla designs allow structures to be constructed up to 10 stories in height.
ComFrame structures can incorporate concrete or steel joisted floors, depending on the client’s requirements.

ComFrame eliminates the issues commonly associated with Timber Frame construction. Timber is a living material. It expands when it absorbs moisture and shrinks when it dries out. This can and does cause problems for the owners of new homes built using timber frames. They can often experience extensive shrinkage cracking caused by the timber frame drying out and settling. The structure is often restrained by structural steelwork, causing lumps or bumps in the timber floors in areas with a large span.

There is also a problem when the timber studs warp, bowing out of line as the frame dries out, usually only after the heating goes on, causing hollows or bulges in finished walls. This is impossible to remedy without opening up the wall panel and replacing the affected studs. The CFS ComFrame eliminates all of these issues, leaving you with a maintenance-free, robust home or condo.
ComFrame delivers a high-quality building, but perhaps its most significant benefit is the speed of build. ComFrame structures generally take under two weeks per floor to construct, leaving you with a weathertight envelope allowing early access to trades.

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