The story of Complete Framing Solutions (CFS)

As leading Framing innovators with over 75 years of industry expertise across all construction sectors, our management team agreed that we offer a complete solution, hence our name Complete Framing Solutions (CFS).

We believe that investing in industry experts is critical to our success. Our in-house designers and engineers ensure that our designs and details are both robust and cost-effective.

What we do

We specialize in the design, manufacture, and supply of a wide range of bespoke steel framing systems (SFS), as well as having an unprecedented knowledge of the offsite market and through wall construction.

The CFS portfolio offers broad parameters to explore innovative solutions and optimize value engineering by combining durability strength and precision engineering, continually investing, researching, developing & improving.

CFS continually invests in new product research and development and brings together the products and solutions of three critical elements, insulation, SFS, and Fire-Resistant boards.

Why we do it

We want to be unique by offering our clients invaluable advice and assistance every step of the way. Our engineering division has created what we believe to be the most sophisticated framing software in the market (CFSPEC), allowing us to quickly and efficiently provide specification guidance to Architects and Engineers on the spot in design team meetings. The project can be followed up days later with in-depth wind-loading analysis, project-specific drawings, and detailed structural calculations.

This software then enables our commercial team to provide bid support to contractors, allowing us to quickly and accurately offer m2 rates. CFSPEC is a valuable part of what makes us your Complete Framing Solution. Once we have established the project requirements, Our highly qualified and experienced detailing team will work side-by-side with you to select the most cost-efficient design solution and go on to provide either two-dimensional or 3d construction issue drawings.

Combined with the application of leading-edge technology and manufacturing processes, the day-to-day pressures relating to this element of the critical path are taken firmly into our capable hands.

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